Monday, July 8, 2013

WoW Gold-Making News - July 8, 2013

Image Source: Get Rich WoW

Sky Golem - New Engineering Mount in patch 5.4?

Auction House Addict [rss twitter] • Sadly, it looks as though this isn't going to be a 2 person mount but one which will let you pick herbs without dismounting. I can live with that disappointment though - this mount looks absolutely amazing & for now, at least, isn't marked as Engineers only so hopefully it will be sellable like the Mechano-hog/Chopper mount from WOTLK days… Read Full Post

Crafted Epic Gear in 5.4

Theoretical Gold Farming [rss twitter] • Patch 5.4 changes the market with new epics and easier to get Haunted Spirits. Currently on the PTR the new itemlevel 541 epics require 21 or 28 daily cooldowns depending on the slot. This means that it will take 3 weeks before any epics show up on the Auction House and for the first few months, there will be too few to satisfy the demand of raiders, casuals and alts… Read Full Post

Do You Have Room for One More?

Late Nite With Stede [rss twitter] • What I plan to do here is make a post once a week, and do a short 20-30 podcast, live, at the same time every week, and record it. That would let folks who want to listen to the live show and give feedback / questions while we record the opportunity to participate… Read Full Post

Back in Black and Testing TSM 2.0

Get Rich WoW [rss twitter] • There are two main features I want to address because I love them so much. First is reset scans. When creating a auctioning operation for a group you will have for tabs along the top of the operation window, General, Post, Cancel, and Reset. The General tab will set up the name of the operation and some general rules about it … Read Full Post

Is Blizzard Planning to Move to Free to Play?

The Golden Crusade [rss twitter] • The item in question is the Enduring Elixir of Wisdom, an item that increases experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests by 100%. Now, by itself, an item like this wouldn’t garner that much attention, except for one tiny, but important detail. Apparently, this item is flagged to be purchased from some sort of in-game store… Read Full Post

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast – Episode 08

Gold Blog of Marcus Ty [rss twitter] • In this episode your host, Marcus Ty, discusses gold making with Nev of the Blog Auction House Addict. Nev and Marcus discuss some data mining of Patch 5.4 and Marcus continues digging into the TSM 2.0 Beta.… Read Full Post

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