Saturday, July 27, 2013

WoW Gold-Making News - July 27, 2013

Image Source: Kaliope's Crafting Blog

Engineering Goodies finally in with Patch 5.4!

Kaliope's Crafting Blog [rss twitter] • Recent patch notes have indicated that the long-awaited Engineering recipes were finally going into the 5.4 patch. I did some research on Wowhead and it looks like the drop was changed from the Itoka kill to a random world drop. So I took my Engineer Kayree out into the world to try finding it… Read Full Post


Late Nite With Stede [rss twitter] • Today I want to make the argument for stockpiling stuff. It's pretty simple - because it will sell. Fast. Happens every content patch and this one is no exception. So why even bring it up? Well, because the knee has jerked and fallen on this topic, and though I'm a bit late in arriving to the gold blogging party this year… Read Full Post

My final Episode of Power Word Gold Podcast

Get Rich WoW [rss twitter] • This week I decided to step down as Jim Younkin's co-host on The Power Word: Gold Podcast. Looking back I only did 9 episodes but I had such a great time. Ever since I got into gold making I wanted to start a blog and podcast. Many of my friends in the community encouraged me to go for it… Read Full Post

What I'm stockpiling for Patch 5.4

Theoretical Gold Farming [rss twitter] • I know that some people like to stockpile items that they plan to resell on patch day, but I'm not going to do that. Personally I feel that such speculation is too risky, sometimes you can make a good profit with it, but most of the time everyone tries to stockpile those items… Read Full Post

TSM 2.0 Announcement!

Phat Lewts' [rss twitter] • This Sunday, at 2pm pacific, 5pm eastern, GoblinRaset and I will be streaming a special TSM Episode of The Happy Hour Roundtable Podcast. We are going to be joined by the full TSM crew: Sapu, Bart, and Cryan for an exclusive TSM 2 interview, and just yesterday Sapu announced that he'll have a special announcement to make on our show… Read Full Post

Item Level Jumps - Why Flipping Items Sell

Power Word: Gold [rss twitter] • Understanding the underlying principles behind item level jumps will help you better understand why certain flipping items are desired by players and why we can charge more for them… Read Full Post

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