Sunday, October 7, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - October 7, 2012

Image Source: Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile

TradeSkillMaster Guides - Updated for MoP

Clockwork Riot [rss twitter] • It's been a busy few days for me but it's done! A lot of people were requesting an updated TradeSkillMaster guide series using the new interface. Between that, the new features (Quick Posting <3 ) and the fact it would give me a chance to make them easier on the ears I decided it was time to update … Read Full Post

Leveling Zen Master Alchemy - My Way & The Right Way

Auction House Addict [rss twitter] • In my usual manner, I checked the Auction House for pandaren herb prices & was pleasantly surprised by how cheap the Green Tea Leaf was, so I grabbed 18 stacks for around 490g (just 25g a stack!). I knew they were the starter herb for Alchemy & of course my main money making profession … Read Full Post

Trillium Ore Alternatives by Anunnaki

The Hatchery [rss twitter] • A new feature in MoP is the Luck of the Lotus Buff which is obtained when you loot Golden Lotus as an herbalist. This buff "Allows you to sometimes find extra treasure from monsters in Pandaria. Lasts 15 min. Effect persists through death." I was not quite sure what this meant when I first looted … Read Full Post

Encore of random tips for Pandaria

Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile [rss twitter] • The first few Faires that happen after the launch of an expansion are always busy, mostly because of the trinkets you get for turning in the decks made with inscription (either cards made once a day or whenever you can). However, this is the first Faire where you can get the full advantage … Read Full Post

How To Eat An Elephant

Power Word: Gold [rss twitter] • I'll bet many players (myself included) are feeling just a bit overwhelmed since the launch of Mists of Pandaria. Whereas in Cataclysm I felt like a master of the universe, in Mists I'm feeling like quite the noob. Why is this? For one thing I think Blizzard packed much more content into … Read Full Post

Announcing The Golden Crusade Shuffler

The Golden Crusade [rss twitter] • – A Shuffling Spreadsheet for Mists of Pandaria. As I promised in Is the Shuffle Profitable in Mists of Pandaria? (Spoilers: Yes It Is) I have put together a spreadsheet to help aid players making gold with the shuffle in Mists of Pandaria. You can find the download as well as detailed instructions … Read Full Post

Faction Boosts for Alts Coming Soon

Kaliope's Crafting Blog [rss twitter] • For those of you who missed the news yesterday (and my tweets), Blizzard announced that they are upgrading the faction system to incorporate boosted rates for alts: Basically, once one of your characters has reached at least Revered reputation with a faction, all other … Read Full Post

Massive Early On Inscription Profits

Vile's Golden Auctions [rss twitter] • It's always a great time to play WoW when it is in the starting phase of a new expansion. For the majority of the people it's the new content, the new instances, the new raids, the new PvP seasons but for some it's the new opportunities to make gold. Well if you are one of those people that … Read Full Post

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