Thursday, September 6, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - September 6, 2012

Image Source: WoWMidas

Engineering Pets - Part 3 - Rabbits & Robots

Auction House Addict [rss twitter] • So this is part 3 of my look at Engineering craftable pets & the materials required. The Personal World Destroyer is a small robot & the De-weaponized Mechanical Companion is a mechanical rabbit to add to your collection of mechanical toad, yeti and squirrel … Read Full Post

Youtube WoW Gold-Making Hangout

esevenf [rss twitter] • I was a guest on a fun Youtube Hangout for WoW Goldmakers with Jim from Powerword: Gold, TrimbleIRL and McKinnon talking about making gold after the 5.0.4 Patch, profession and talent changes and preparing for Mists of Pandaria … Read Full Post

Now it's your turn

Foo's WoW Musings [rss] • I first started this blog when a couple of the existing gold bloggers bowed out. They had done their time, and were moving on. It was time for a new wave of bloggers to step up; and new sites to be formed. I was a noob with half baked … Read Full Post

All I got for Patchmas was an Ink Nerfbat

WoWMidas [rss] • Ok, so that’s not entirely true. This is a tale of laziness, woe, and redemption. Read the “fine” patch notes. Such a simple thing to do. And yet I blew it this time around: I didn’t read about the 5.0.4 changes carefully enough. I should have read … Read Full Post

Buyer’s Remorse

The Gold Queen [rss twitter] • A reader emailed asking if I had experienced Buyers Remorse after buying the Swift Spectral Tiger Mount. We get a lot of emails at The Gold Queen and although Community Manager Matojo answers where she can, sometimes the personal questions need a personal reply … Read Full Post

MoP + DMF = Petmas

The Auction House Grind [rss] • Over the past few months I have been advising friends and guildies to stockpile their Darkmoon Fair tokens. The original plan was to see if the Darkmoon pets would become tradeable come MoP. From the beta and PTR we now know that while the pets are still listed as BoP they can be learned … Read Full Post

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