Friday, September 21, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - September 21, 2012

Image Source: Vault of Light

I bought myself a guild!

Vault of Light [rss twitter] • While idling around Stormwind a few weeks ago I saw someone announce in Trade chat that they wanted to sell a level thirteen guild (prior to the change to guild xp in the latest patch). I've always wanted my own guild but I could never justify the price of buying a level twenty five guild which … 

WoWflation September 2012: Going out of business sale – everything must go!

WoWMidas [rss] • No surprise here, folks. Month over month, prices dropped almost 40%! Same as when Cata was imminent, prices tanked. Unfortunately, this isn't obvious from the pre-Cata data, because the last reading pre-Cata was a full month before launch, before the fire sale began. Our current reading (10 September) … 

Essence du Néant supérieure - (Greater Nether Essence)

Jackspot [rss twitter] • L'essence du néant supérieure s'obtient "principalement" en désenchantant des armes ayant un ilvl compris entre 46 et 50. En effet, pour obtenir des essences - (Greater Nether Essence above is obtained "primarily" in disenchanting the weapons with ilvl between 46 and 50. Indeed, to obtain priority species you will disenchant weapons. Items of armor on them you will get dust) … 

The 5 Most Enjoyable Ways We Made Gold In Cataclysm

Power Word: Gold [rss twitter] • Each player has their own special ways of making gold in World of Warcraft. No two players are the same. No two servers are the same. This means that each of us walks our unique own gold-making path. Since Mists of Pandaria is coming out in 5 days we thought it would be good to … 

MoP Beta Files: The New Inscription Research

Kaliope's Crafting Blog [rss twitter] • As I've reported previously, creating this item also helps you discover a new glyph recipe. When it was originally implemented, I was concerned that this might be a randomized chance. I'm happy to report that I've used it dozens of times now and I have never failed to learn a new recipe … 

1 Million in Mists of Pandaria

Manthieus Movies [rss twitter] • Making Gold is what i love, and a new expansion is the best time to do so. So here is the class and professions i will be leveling to start. 1 Million gold sounds like a lot now, but 20k gold was a lot just 2 years ago in this game. Try this for yourselves and let me know. I will see you all once … 

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