Sunday, September 2, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - September 2, 2012

Image Source: Vault of Light

Step Right Up!

Candlefly's Gold Adventures [rss twitter] • Step right up! Darkmoon Faire is here and there is a lot for a Gold Goblin to profit from. To profit, you’re gonna want tickets. Read on past the jump to find out how to get the most tickets possible and other ways to profit from DMF. So, it’s the first of the month and Darkmoon Faire is active … Read Full Post

Le loot de zone (AOE loot) va-t-il influencer les marchés ?

Jackspot [rss twitter] • Tout d'abord j'espère que pour ceux qui ont eu la chance de partir, vos vacances se sont bien passées et que vous avez pu profiter un maximum avant cette rentrée qui s'annonce chargée, du moins dans World of Warcraft. En effet, pour ceux qui ne seraient pas encore au courant ou qui vivraient dans une grotte … Read Full Post

MOP Leather and Blacksmith

Foo's WoW Musings [rss] • Given Blizzard's stated intention that "Initially, we want crafters to be out in the world adventuring instead of camping out in front of an auctioneer, hoping to score some cheap mats.", consider taking up gatherer + crafter. I do not make this suggestion lightly, and it will still be wrong for a lot … Read Full Post

Of Risky Bets and Price Resets - My Patch Week So Far

Swishco Ventures [rss twitter] • As most of you are hopefully aware, this Tuesday (Wednesday for the EU) was Patch 5.0.4, the pre-expansion patch for Mists of Pandaria. After a bit of a rocky start with the usual extending of maintenance, I first logged into my glyph seller to re-post anything that had expired during … Read Full Post

Priest Tier transmog with a difference.

Vault of Light [rss twitter] • Recently I've been playing both my Warrior and Paladin a lot. Being plate wearers they have the option to transmog to some plate skirts but I tend to keep them in full pants. Tanking in a dress doesn't feel quite right to me. With that I've started looking at cloth legs a bit more. There are no Priest tier sets … Read Full Post

WoW Blogger On-Air Hangout #5!

Gold Shield [rss twitter]
Keeping with the weekly tradition(a new tradition, but one nonetheless?), here is the latest On Air hangout … Read Full Post

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