Thursday, August 9, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - August 9, 2012

Image Source: Markets For Gold

The Informed Marketplace

Swishco Ventures [rss twitter] • I was emptying some mail and posting some auctions today, and as I was doing so, I kept a bit of an eye on trade chat, as I always do. Someone asked if people weren't doing Dragon Soul anymore, which led to discussion … Read Full Post

Arranging Professions: A Case Study (Part 1)

The Golden Crusade [rss twitter] • Yes, through the magic of server transfers I have two Deathknights which was incredibly convenient since I hate levelling (my priest was boosted from scratch to level 80 with Scroll of Resurrection too) … Read Full Post

Crafting And Selling Netherweave Bags by fenjayminor

The Hatchery [rss twitter] • Crafting and selling Netherweave bags is a good background or startup gold-making activity. These bags are nothing new - they were introduced almost three expansions ago. But they have not stopped flying off the shelves since the days … Read Full Post

Splitting my end market

Markets For Gold [rss twitter] • It is worth remembering that maximising gold earnings in World of Warcraft is not only a function of “gold per hour” but also a function of the time a player is willing to devote to gold making vs other activities such as questing … Read Full Post

Auction Durations - 12 vs 24 vs 48 Hours

Cold's Gold Factory [rss twitter] • When deciding which auction duration to apply to your auction house goods, there are various factors that should come into play. These factors can include, but are not limited to: Auction house fee to list the individual item … Read Full Post

Why I Like Gated Markets

Gold Shield [rss twitter] • So, today I got a comment on my post about Spirit of Harmony, but I wanted to take the time to reply to it in its own post, partially because I want everyone to see it, and partially because I cannot think of anything else to write … Read Full Post

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