Monday, August 27, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - August 27, 2012

Image Source: WoWMidas

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WoWflation August 2012 – Watch out…prices spike!

WoWMidas [rss] • Haven’t seen a price spike like this in a long time. Up 30%-40%. Note also that prices have tripled since October 2010, a month and change prior to Cata (just around the last Wrath patch). Now would be a good time to note the categories that have given huge returns. See anything? … Read Full Post

What do Auctioneers bring to the game?

Markets For Gold [rss twitter] • A fair question, i don’t suspect the developers foresaw the rise of this breed of player at the outset. But i greatly suspect it is in their thinking now when they consider what to do with the professions in the game. On my server there are 3 or 4 of us who “own” the glyph market. i don’t see any other … Read Full Post

Mini-Mods: #2 Buy Em All

Gimps Gold [rss twitter] • This small but amazing addon adds some extra options to the Shift+Click buying options when purchasing from vendors. As you can see the normal bulk-buy window has two additional buttons “Stack” and “Max”. These two new buttons add great power bulk buying allowing for intelligent buying based on … Read Full Post

MoP Beta Files: Leveling Zen Jewelcrafting

Kaliope's Crafting Blog [rss twitter] • The first thing you should know is that the JC trainer in Pandaria has more recipes than the trainers in the older cities. This is rather unusual since most of the other profession trainers have basically the same stuff. The Panda trainer has the JC-only gems as well as the high end jewelry recipes. If these … Read Full Post

MOP Profession firsts

Foo's WoW Musings [rss] • Are you considering achieving a realm profession first? Apart from vanity, there are good reasons to do so; some may recall me mentioning Wek at the end of Wrath and the start of Cataclysm. He achieved realm first Alchemist. His elixirs were much in demand, and more than paid … Read Full Post

Battle Pet Update

Phat Lewts' [rss twitter] • As you may remember from my previous post or elsewhere, pets were originally slated to be mailed back to you caged if you had any duplicates. This has been changed. Instead, for MoP launch, the limit of 500 pets total is going to be lifted as well as the 3x per pet limit. So on pets that are not unique you will be able … Read Full Post

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