Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - August 1, 2012

Image Source: Markets For Gold

4 Tips To Improve Your Remote Auction House Efficiency

Cold's Gold Factory [rss twitter] • The Remote Auction House has been a great addition to the tools of the WoW gold making goblin. The Remote Auction House application for smart phones has … Read Full Post

Speeding up the emptying of mailboxes

Markets For Gold [rss twitter] • Every gold maker in World of Warcraft will spend time at the mail box. Indeed, players covering a mailbox with their mount and so making it hard to access the mailbox … Read Full Post

10 Items NOT to Stockpile in MoP

Hunter Mastery [rss twitter] • Over the last month I’ve been writing posts after post about gold making and focus mostly on what’s to come. What you should stockpile, what items are going to net you … Read Full Post

Top 10 items not to stockpile post: Farli's Thoughts

The Overcut [rss twitter] • 1) I think some of the Cata items look really nice, not really looked into the transmog goodness of 81-84 greens, but check out this toon in 77-80 cata greens … Read Full Post

(Editor's Note: It's been quite a while since we last published The Power Word: Gold Chronicle. We felt with all the great gold-making posts that have been coming out of the community it was time to start it back up. Today's post is a bit shorter than normal. If you have any questions about The Chronicle email us at -Jim Younkin)

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