Thursday, January 5, 2012

WoW Gold-Making News - January 5, 2012

Power Word: Guild on EU-Draenor Horde!
My English Gold Fountain [rss twitter] • It's done! We all know that Flux of PW:G created a guild on US-Lightbringer for all US traders, bloggers and readers to chat about the latest gold making ideas, hints, tips and strategies. Now we EU players have our own official <Power Word: Guild> too! On EU-Draenor, Horde side …
"Power Word Guild" Is Born On US And EU Realms
Power Word: Gold [rss twitter] • We decided to create a guild for Power Word: Gold. It is open to anyone who wants to come together to talk and chat about making gold in World of Warcraft. Also with the mobile Armory app there is often people to chat with even when you're not playing World of Warcraft …

Mining Guide Silver Ore
Kuja's Gold Mine [rss twitter] • Silver Ore is often the most expensive ore in the game, even though a Silver Vein requires only 65 skill before it can be mined. This makes it a great supply of gold for a low level player with the profession …
The Auction House Camper- what is it and what is its purpose?
marketsforgold [rss twitter] • The strategy itself is not advanced but the counter can be. It is however the most common strategy that is adopted in the market and typically adopted by competitors that have plenty of time on their hands! We have all met the Auction House Camper, and indeed their strategy is needs very little description. The primary purpose of a strategy involving Auction House camping is to ensure that as many sales as possible of glyphs, if not all, go to one player. This is achieved by undercutting all competition within minutes of them posting glyphs on the Auction House …
Leatherworkers: Big Voodoo, Baby!
Phat Lewts' [rss twitter] • Last week I posted about my favorite tailoring item to flip for transmog, it was a low level pattern that a toon of level 20 could make with the proper tailoring skill and sell for a decent chunk of gold.  Today's leatherworking pattern is no different.  Big Voodoo Robe requires only 215 leatherworking, and the mats are cheaper and easier to obtain than the mats for the cloak from my last post.  The catch on this one is that the pattern is a rare drop …
Banking Off Unwanted Christmas Gifts!
The Hatchery [rss twitter] • by Timewave. The Holiday Pets Market. The Winter Veil has just ended, and just like after visiting your grandma for a holiday get together, many people are left with something they already have and wish to get rid of quickly. If you look at your server's auction house within the first week or 2 after the end of Winter Veil, you will notice it is flooded with the various holiday pets from under the tree. These pets, by name, are Snowman Kit, Red Helper Box, Green Helper Box, and Jingling Bell …
3 New and Little-Known Ways to Profit
The Gold Queen [rss twitter] • …from the Darkmoon Faire. 9 Rare Items to Flip for Double Profits

  • Adventurer’s Journal Worth 100g Buy for 25g
  • Banner of the Fallen Worth 100g Buy for 25g
  • Captured Insignia Worth 100g Buy for 25g
Addon: iSold pour ceux qui aiment quand çà fait "bling-bling"
Jackspot [rss twitter] • iSold est un addon qui vous permet d'entendre un petit son de caisse enregistreuse à chaque fois que vous réalisez une vente.

Addon: iSold for those who like it when it's "bling-bling"
iSold is an addon that allows you to hear a little sound of cash register every time you make a sale.

Zephyrite decision
Foo's WoW Musings [rss] • The current uses for these gems are: Fire prisms.  Who's making these, and anyway they consume all gems equally - you will still have a surplus. Transmuting to Ocean Sapphires, but they don't sell either …

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