Thursday, December 1, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 1, 2011

(Above) Un peu d'humour dans ce monde de brutes ! (A little humor in this cruel world!) by Jackspot: Le blog de la ruée vers l'or - Full Post

How-To Use CG's Herb Calculator
"Yesterday's post was the release of my special special herb/glyph costing calculator. Nothing complex, just a whole bunch of equations mushed together. Critical eats his own dogfood, this is exactly what he uses. Lets get started!

Step 1 - Work out your Blackfallows to Inferno ratio. This figure is basically, how many blackfallows is one inferno worth to you? Personally I set this as 10 because infernos convert into DM trinkets which sell highly well but everyone is different. For example Foo, at time of his comment, would use 4.5." by Critical Goblin - Full Post

Patch Week–Day 3
"Ding! 500k! Ya ya I know what you’re thinking – “What, my favourite gold blogger only recently hit half a million?” Yea I know I have surprisingly low capital for a gold blogger. Oh well, my writing is still good right? …..right?

Bought a bunch of Queen’s Garnets to cut and flip last night for a total of 74k, still no bites  See this is why I don’t like flipping, any time I try something like this I end up loosing. Now the gem prices are still holding steady near were I reset them too, but looks like they aren’t selling. I’m really hoping I can at least get my gold back from that venture." by The Golden Crusade - Full Post

Patch for auctioneer
"Auctioneer patch available.  From  the auctioneer website:" by Foo's WoW Musings - Full Post

"Я до последнего надеялся, что патч 4.3 выйдет все-таки неделей позже. Но не получилось. Дело в том, что в предыдущую пятницу у меня прошла защита диплома. Последнее испытание пройдено, и я до сих пор отхожу от всех этих экзаменов."
(Until recently I was hoping that patch 4.3 will be released after all a week later. But failed. The fact that the previous Friday, I was protecting a diploma. The last test has been passed, and I have yet to move away from all of these exams.) by Дневник склянки. (Diary of a sklyanka.)- Full Post
"I am 1 of the fellow 138 people taking part in the latest Gold speed run which is organised by Jonathan Kenins owner of Massive Gold Blueprint. Its day 12 so far and its getting better with each passing day. My total gold aquired between horde and alliance has passed 80k (this is taken from the Total Gold aquired figure from the wealth statistics)" by Gold Trail Rush - Full Post

Checking for Recipes on the Auction House
"Once a profession is levelled to 525 and you are working on any relevant dailies, or even before, it is always worthwhile whenever you profession character is at the Auction House to check for any available recipes that have been posted.  Of course, make sure you have picked up all recipes from vendors around the world (give yourself a spare hour, pour yourself a glass of wine and start flying from vendor to vendor)." by marketsforgold - Full Post

"4.3 is here!  The first 24 hours were a bit jam packed and I spent most of my time in front of the auction house but I did get to see the new heroics on my main.  Anyway let’s jump into the details of my first day!" by AFKkrafting - Full Post

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