Saturday, December 3, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 3, 2011

Patch Week–Day 4 (Also, Important Upcoming Dates)
by The Golden Crusade (RSS)
This weekend will be the first days many players will have to fully experience the new content. Such players will be subjecting themselves to as much patchy goodness as they can cram into one weekend. Lots of Looking for Raid and lots of Random Dungeon Finder means a lot more gear entering the system this weekend, which means a lot more gems and enchants are going to be needed! Also weekends are often alt times, so many players will be using this time to bring alts up to speed.

30. how to enjoy playing WoW - part 3
by WoW Mogul (RSS)
Olla – how 4.3 working out for you guys. I’ve not had a lot of time over the last few days to jump in but when I was on totally loved transmogging my astonishingly ugly DK epic two hander look to a very simple 5g green from the AH – take that crazy WoW art!

Is it the person (and lets define person as all their ingame characters on a server) that posts the most glyphs in a day or is it the person who sells the most glyphs in a day or is it the person who posts the highest total value of glyphs in a day or is it the person who sells the highest total value of glyphs in a day?
And indeed, what advantage does being the market leader bring?
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Hey guys!  I know a lot of Alchemists out there do their daily transmute cooldown, and most likely make Truegold every time.  I'm here to tell you that contrary to popular belief, it's not necessarily the most profitable transmute you can make, especially if you're not a transmute master. 

Ok ok I admit, I only released half of my costing sheet because I felt the full thing would be too bit confusing. Here's the full shabang. I'll try to explain how I use it, just ask if you have any questions.
4.3 Shenanigans
by Phat Lewt's WoW Gold Blog (RSS)
So 4.3 was released 34 hours ago and in that time I've made just over 95k gold according to my addons.  About 3k gold/ hour is not too bad!  Going to post some of my winners and losers of the first 2 days of 4.3:

Transmogrification - One of blizzard's best moves in Cataclysm?
by Wow or Gold (RSS)
I've raided, i've done PvP, i've reached the two gold caps (214k, 1 million), i've been addicted to playing alts and even collected mounts at times when nothing else has made sense. I did end up quitting the game a few months ago. I wasn't sure if it was for good, but I wasn't expecting to play in at least 4-6 months time.

Welcome back ladies and gentle goblins. Today we are going to cover a small thing that if used right can earn your truly awesome profits. From experience, we know that when a new patch hits the sales go haywire, but if that patch brings an end to a season, and start to a new one, then it's a full out sale out.

It only took eight months! For those who don't follow me on Twitter, why not? And also, you may not be aware I've been trying to keep people bumping my bug report since April.  It seems that 4.3 has finally brought an end to the ordeal.

Hey all, Again, Ohnekase will not be joining us this time.  Instead, I found/heard about a quick gold making tip that I think we can make some money off of and I am going to be using in the future.
It has to do with cooking.  Now, I am not a big fan on cooking as a strong money maker (at least not until higher levels).
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Прошел второй и третий день нового патча. Потихоньку поднимается спрос на красивые вещи и оружие для трансмогрификации.
Если мои подсчеты верны, то 500к - 107к (первый день) - 110к (второй день) - 92к (третий день) = 191к. Осталось набрать 191к золота, времени на это есть ещё 4 дня. Должно хватить.

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