Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 7, 2011

Image source: Alto's Goldish Advice

First week of 4.3 - MySales
by Hyper Craft (RSS)

Oh man what a patch 4.3 has turned out to be. With all this excitement of new content within the past week you don't think I forgot about gold did you? The following post shows my experience with the patch from my gold making point of view.

What is a Glyph Market Leader
by Critical Goblin (RSS)

And why would anyone want to become the Glyph Market Leader? Croda asks the hard questions.
Hmmmm going backwards and looking at my original Glyph Market Leader post I realize I never really defined the term Glyph Market Leader.

Auction House Junkies Episode 20: Patch 4.3 Please Don't Leave For TOR
by Capped by Cata (RSS)

Auction House Junkies Episode 19.2 or Episode 20 - We Miss You Miss

Simple still works, 1Mill sooo close
by Achieve Commitment (RSS)

Dollar cost averaging... It is a term I learned when learning about investments... basially keep on buying stocks/funds etc. as the price goes up and down...  You end up with and average cost...

You got your jewelcrafter in my alchemist ....
by Just My Two Copper (RSS)

On the day after a patch hits the realms, the jewelcrafting market provides many frustrations...
Which one of my crafters is going to make the most money?   Did i put enough materials away to ride
the wave of buyers to it's maximum?  How will I find the best way to replenish stock?

Ever been spoiled by the Devil in the pale Darkmoon light ? (Updated)
by Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile (RSS)

Darkmoon Despoiler is the name, and money is it's thang.
You have to turn in those 9 items to their respective quest givers.
You can collect 5 of them while running dungeons and 3 of them while going into battlegrounds.

The True Test. Getting the Grade.
by Meet Ohnekase (RSS)

This week we are beginning something a little different.  We have talked a big game, and talked about all of these different ways you can make money.  However, we have only taken it so far.  And, based on the Poll numbers I received from the poll I did, people would be interested in seeing a Character journey from 0 gold to lots of gold.

Co-operation does work!
by The Gold Mint (RSS)

Lately there's been some talk around the gold blogs about co-operation. Many feel that co-operation is doomed to fail few believe it works. For the record I'd like to say it can work and very well, especially when you get enough big players involved.

How The Economics Of Dreamcloth Are Changing
by Power Word: Gold (RSS)

While working on one of my two tailors today I made a fairly startling discovery. The economics of creating Dreamcloth have completely changed. I first heard rumblings about this via @ssmith0911 and @msherretz on twitter. Basically the way I made Dreamcloth before Patch 4.3 very well may be a thing of the past.

Lost Engineering Recipes? Nope.
by Twitchie Enterprises (RSS)

So Faid and Cold were at each other on Twitter today, regarding Cold's post regarding some engineering recipes that had been removed from the game. As the back and forth continued, and apologies were demanded, I thought I'd help out and have a look for myself.

Patch 4.3: The Super Secret Recipe To Flip
by Cold's Gold Factory (RSS)

Anytime there is a new World of Warcraft patch, there are things that go can undiscovered and unnoticed.  If you are one of the first players to discover a way to make gold that no one else knows about, then you pretty much have a liscense to print gold until the discovery goes public.  

Patch 4.3 - All You Need To Know
by Alto's Goldish Advice (RSS)

Since 4.3 hit, there have been a few things of note. First off, a ton of auctions are selling, and if you make sure you are doing the right things, then you are destined to make gold.

PVP: Début de la saison 11 de JcJ ce mercredi
by Jackspot (RSS)

Amis artisans d'azeroth, après avoir fait de belles recettes ces derniers jours grâce aux nouveaux équipements PVE du patch 4.3, il est temps de vous préparer à équiper nos valeureux guerriers du PVP.

Random 4.3 Factoids & Undocumented Changes
by Kaliope's Crafting Blog (RSS)

The number of fragments dropped from Archaeology artifacts has been increased, you can now get 5-9 fragments instead of the 3-6 you've gotten in the past.
Seeing dig sites on the mini-map is very helpful for navigating around the borders of a dig area.

The Pricing Trap strategy – how to combat it
by marketsforgold (RSS)

Following on from yesterdays post on the Advanced Strategy The Pricing Trap strategy – what is it and what is its purpose?

A Suprise Transaction
by Wragstoriches (RSS)

So on tuesday night after I’d sorted my auctions and materials ready for the release of patch 4.3 on Wednesday, and finished levelling a few alts for the night. I was sat sorting my mail and moving and few items between a few characters and watching the trade chat fly by.

New Season, New Possibilities
by Vile's Golden Auctions (RSS)

One week ago we saw the drop of the patch. That is when all the sales started going haywire, when the demand for gems, enchants and everything in between went up. Well, today is that same day, but on a smaller scale.

Replica Dungeon Sets Sellable on the AH
by Nerf Faids (RSS)

Transmogrifiers and gold makers alike should enjoy this little gem.  One of the goals of the Darkmoon Faire was to allow people to get retired models; namely the dungeon sets that used to drop in Stratholme and other endgame vanilla dungeons.

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