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WoW Gold-Making News - December 12, 2011

Image Source: Jackspot
Using Gathermate2 Addon for Finding Treasure Chests
by Alto's Goldish Advice rss twt

We got ourselves a Situation here folks... Okay, okay. Not everyone raids (although the LFR is helping that). Not everyone PvP's (but our options are growing larger every patch). Not everyone Quests. Not everyone farms.

Image Source: Alto's Goldish Advice

For the Horde Part-1
by Fighting Coin rss twt

The Portuguese server Aggra, is now online since the 7 of December , 3 days ago, I went  there for  3 major reasons :
- Try Horde
- A "Virgin" AH
- A realm first Achievement .

Composants d'enchantement: "1 tiens vaut mieux que 2 tu l'auras"
by Jackspot rss twt

Déjà presque 2 semaines que le patch 4.3 est sorti et l’hôtel des ventes est toujours en effervescence.

Episode 123 - Red Cooler
by The Mana Cooler rss twt

In this bold edition of The Mana Cooler, I invade the LFR aka Raid Finder and test it out from a super casual perspective.

The Old Man And The Sea ... And The Gold Fish
by Vile's Golden Auctions rss twt

Before i start this post, i would like to thank an unnamed person on my server that reminded me that even at this time of WoW's life, there are still people that are just starting out and are finding the WoW universe to be just that, WOW.

Making the Grade, Part 2. The Shuffle.
by Meet Ohnekase rss

We have met before.  Last week, he began his journey, done a little bit of questing, and put some auctions  up.  He has been applying the tricks of his parent's trade over the past week (a little each day).

Fast Gold | Raptor Nests: Razormaw Hatchling
by Kuja's Gold Mine rss

One of my favourite ways to make gold is by selling pets. They are most of the time expensive and they sell fast in most cases.

The Next Steps Patch 4.3 Week 1
by Wragstoriches rss twt

Hi all So patch 4.3 has launched and it brought with it lots of changes, including new dungeons and raids, professions recipes and gear upgrades. Just the night before the patch launched I made a surprise transaction and purchased a guild which left my liquid gold total at 342541g 76s 79c . Having watched the reaction of many gold bloggers on twitter on the tuesday night I was looking forward to the patch hitting for us in the EU on the wednesday.

Patch 4.3 High Earners
by The Gold Queen rss twt

Epic Gems I’m making up to 1,800g per cut by buying raw, cutting and posting.  It’s a risky strategy, as epic gem prices can’t remain 5k each forever.  But if you enjoy the high risk gamble (not investment!), go for it.

Enchanting Scrolls Seems supply isn’t meeting demand and enchanting scrolls are low supply / high price on my server.  At the same time, I found less than 20 righteous orbs on the server auction house, going for half their normal price.  I scooped them all up.  Demand for alts/ twinks enchants like Crusader will return after the rush on mains has slowed.

TSM Blacklist Modification
by The Gold Mint rss

In a prior post Dealing with obsessive campers - Part II advanced I detailed how I modifed TSM's post.lua to calculate price cuts differently to bring prices down fast and discourage camping. At the time my server was literally infested with campers and auction bots. There were so many campers at that time the best approach was an indiscriminate blanket approach that simply lowered prices quickly until the camping stopped..

Building A Valor Bracer Shopping List
By Power Word: Gold rss twt

In this video "WoW Gold-Making - Auctionator & Wowhead For Shopping Lists" I go over how to use Wowhead's item search filters to find bind-on-equip (BOE) item level 397 bracers (known as "Valor Bracers") and add them to an Auctionator shopping list.(The filter I build in the video can be found here.)

I build these type of shopping lists to quickly find which (if any) Valor Bracers I should be buying from players selling them in trade chat for flipping purposes. It should be noted that Valor Boots are also BOE and can be bought/sold in the same way.

Profession Pricing
by Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog rss

Recently in a WoW gold blog that I read, marketsforgold, croda has touched upon his theories behind how to evaluate your gold flows.  I really suggest reading what he writes, it's very interesting.  I find this topic really intriguing so I figured I'd put my 2 cents in.  For most of this post I'm going to use a base example, I've chosen Inferno Rubies because they're a gold making favorite of mine.

Measuring Gold per Hour
by marketsforgold rss twt

Gold Per Hour is an often quoted statistic in the gold blogging community and indeed at some point most blogs have commented on its usefulness or otherwise as a measurement.

I will make myself no exception.

The reason I would like to seek some sort of a gold making measurement with reference to time taken is that the key critical resource for most gold makers is time.  Our time playing this game is limited by other World of Warcraft activities and real life.

Gems: Selling an Item, Not a Service
by Nerf Faids rss twt

First off, allow me to do a little dance in honor of this, my 200th post.  /dance Okay, now on with the actual post.

With epic gems being so heavily gated at the  moment the supply is very limited and prices are quite high.  Now, as a relatively wealthy raider I've spent a fair amount of gold on these gems to give myself stat boosts here and there in my new gear.

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