Saturday, December 31, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 31, 2011

Image Source: Twitchie Enterprises

25,000 / 25,000 Glyphs
Twitchie Enterprises [rss twitter] • All the way back in February, I posted about hitting the 5000 glyph mark on the way to the guild achievement for creating 25,000 glyphs. Today, I'm posting (albeit a little late) that I hit my 25,000 glyph mark on 10th November 2011, almost a month ahead of schedule for the guild achievement inside a year on a single character. Today I hit 30,000 and celebrated with a graph …
Year in Review – 2011
The Golden Crusade [rss twitter] • I’m not usually good at self review or introspection, and I have a feeling if I attempted it now it would be no exception if I tried it now. Instead, for my New Year’s Post I’ll take a look at what’s being going on in World of Warcraft, the gold making scene, and the blogosphere. Also, since someone (cough cough Flux cough cough) mentioned that gold bloggers aren’t posting enough pictures in there articles, and I’m a stubborn son-of-a-bitch, I’ve picked up on including YouTube …
A brief RECAP! 
wow mogul [rss] • …250k to 1 million gold. Well that's done!  Nice to be back over the million again.  : ) This is where I started seven weeks ago: 5 toons came across, each with portable holes to all slots …
Plans for 2012
marketsforgold [rss twitter] • As 2012 draws to a close, perhaps a view forward as to what i plan to do in the first two months of 2012. 1.  A closer look at the non-glyph parts of Inscription: there is a lot to write about here.  The gold to be made from non-glyphs is a welcome addition and can be quite lucriative …
Annee 2011:
Jackspot [rss twitter] • Bilan & Meilleurs Voeux. Cela fait environ un an que l'aventure "Jackspot" a commencé et je pense qu'un petit bilan des derniers mois écoulés s'impose. En effet, c'est en février 2011 que j'ai décidé de me spécialiser dans la collecte massive de pièces d'or dans wow. Parti de presque …
Top Posts Of 2011
Cold's Gold Factory [rss twitter] • @ CGF. The 2011 year of the gold blogger has been an exciting one.  We have seen a massive increase in the number of bloggers talking about how to make gold in WoW.  A quick peek at the Power Word Gold : Gold Blog …
A Video Overview of The Mobile Auction House
The Hatchery [rss twitter] •  …by Ruls. I was sitting around last night thinking of the best way to express how useful and how much fun the Remote AH subscription has been for me since I signed up going on two months ago. After deciding that I had not made a YouTube video in quite some time I set out to find a convenient method of recording the "action" of the Android WoW Armory app. Here is the video that followed …
2011 – Review
Break the Bank [rss twitter] • Quite a year it’s been! We’re quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary here, and while I do have a plan for that, I wanted to at least take a minute to highlight some of the highs and lows of this past year. Best of 2011
  • Break the Bank was started. Obviously
  • Being accepted as a Wind Trader over at The Consortium. It has been a real honour to have the opportunity to get to interact with some of the greatest gold-making minds out there, bar none.
  • Hitting old gold cap. I actually accomplished this before I even dinged 85, IIRC. Guess I had different priorities …
2011 - What a mixed bag
Auction House Addict [rss twitter] • …it's been! My 2011 started off full of enthusiasm & found me writing regularly here as I rode the excitement of the early stages of Cataclysm. Levelling 4 alts to 85, levelling JC & Enchanting so I could make even more gold …

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Monday, December 26, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 26, 2011

Image Source: Jackspot

Composants d'enchantement …
Jackspot [rss twitter] • … patch 4.3: "On R'met cà !?" Après avoir accumulé tout au long de cette semaine des centaines et centaines de minerais d'élémentium et minerais d'obsidium nécessaires à la prospection de mes gemmes, il est grand temps de …
The Pessimistic Guide…
Cold's Gold Factory [rss twitter] • …To WoW Crafting Markets. Many of these are common complaints from playing the different profession auction house markets.  We all run into obstacles, competition, and slow sales periods.  Don't give up.  You must push onward and take a deeper look into your professions …

Зарабатываем золото на Зимнем Покрове и после его окончания.
Diary of sklyanka [rss twitter] • Зимний Покров по праву считается одним из самых прибыльных праздников в Азероте. Способов заработать золото во время него - уйма. Это продажа небольших яиц, снега, приправ  и зимних одежд и сапожек. Но все это пользуется спросом только во время самого праздника. После его окончания продать их довольно трудно.

(Winter Veil is considered one of the most profitable holidays in Azeroth. Ways to earn gold in it - a lot. It is selling small eggs, snow, winter spices and clothes and boots. But all that is in demand only during the holiday. After graduating sell them pretty hard.)
Time to give happiness
Fighting Coin [rss twitter] • Hello all, today I come here to give some  happiness I hope, in the form of 2 Games for Steam : Bastion andTerraria. To be the lucky one to get one of them, all you have to do is, leave me a comment saying which one you want and  why. Is that simple.
Clearing out the trash…
Foo's WoW Musings [rss] • …then largely AFK for a week. Happy Winter's Veil. Having been excessively eloquent in the last week (or maybe not), I have not quite disappeared. I have joined another guild; not being on enough during the week to keep people interested meant loosing …
Happy Christmas!!
Gimps Gold [rss twitter] • To one and all a very Merry Christmas! Wishing happiness to you, your friends, families and loved ones! A special merry christmas to all the people in the community whom have given their support and friendship to me this year! Thank you!
Phat Lewts WoW Gold Blog [rss twitter] • In my recent post, Flipping Twink Gear, I advocated the use of the addon Auctionator to search for level 77 Twink gear to flip on the AH.  This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the usefulness of this addon goes.  Used correctly, Auctionator can easily do things that no other addon can …

Glyph Walls Are For…
The Gold Mint [rss] • …teaching lessons. There's been some talk about glyph walls lately. As one who frequently uses glyph walls I'd like to share my views on them. In particular I'd like to address some of the comments and assumptions made by Croda of the marketsforgold blog. Recently he made the following series of posts regarding glyph walls …
Image Source: Phat Lewts
Farming: The 8th 
Deadly Sin
The Golden Crusade [rss twitter] • Someone on the Consortium IRC quipped the other day (and I really apologize I don’t remember who said it) that farming in World of Warcraft is the 8th deadly sin. This is a sentiment shared by many in the gold making community and though …
Better safe than sorry
marketsforgold [rss twitter] • There will come times, most notably at new Patches or Expansions when your favourite addon does not work until the developers update it for the new Patch or Expansion.  For a gold maker than can be the difference participating in post Patch / Expansion release gold rush or merely sitting on the sidelines watching others pick up those thousands of gold. There is a very simple way to avoid this, and at this to download at least two addons …
Revisiting Low Level Herb 
Farming by farli_wow
The Power Word: Gold Hatchery [rss twitter] • Thanks to flux for letting me do this post and big thanks also to Faid (Nerf Faids) and Cold (Cold's Gold Factory) for providing some inspiration/ideas. Remember Faid did that rare mobs in blasted lands video? (See "Blasted Lands - WoW Gold Rush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes") You could do it on a miner/herbalist and combine farming raw materials, with farming rare mobs. Well you can do something similar in Hillsbrad foothills …
Making gold with pets…
Kuja's Gold Mine [rss twitter] • Farming Disgusting Oozeling. All veteran players are already aware of this gold making pet, but in case there's any new players reading, you should not miss this pet …

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 21, 2011

Image Source: AFKkrafting

Sales Week Ending 12/20 and a Milestone!
AFKkrafting [rss twitter] • I am in shock this week for a couple of different reasons.  Here’s one: It’s a milestone I never expected this early into the patch.  I came into the patch with 8,000g and eclipsed the 500,000g mark just 16 days in. For me this was more of a surprise.  This week was better than the first week of the patch!  As I looted my mail each day it definitely didn’t feel like I was selling 307,000g …
The Next Steps Patch 4.3 Week 2
Wragstoriches [rss twitter] • So I went in to the second week of patch 4.3 after a very good first week in sales. I still had a fair amount of stock left in the form of gems, ore, and enchanting materials apart from Maelstrom Crystals. So I’ve been sniping these when I can get …
Pushing to 2 Mill and beyond
Achieve Commitment [rss] • Alto dropped a nice comment on my last post.  It points out some observations, and quantifys them with numbers and evidence to the "gut feeling" of what I felt about the same.  Anyway, it gave me seed to some thoughts and plans and I guess writing out a plan of how and what to do as far as long range goals to hit the 2 million marker

First off, I am now continuing to unload the piles of mats I had stacked up.  The only thing I am disappointed in myself in is that I did not keep enough greeny gems for my daily JC stuf... oh well... and that I have completely lost a ton of value on the decline of prices on volatiles...  Still not sure I understand how the lost so much value …
The "Real" Gold Cap
Fighting Coin [rss twitter] • I always know this, like you know this, the real "gold" in WOW is not the gold you make in the game, it´s the people you meet inside the game and outside of the game …
The Glyph Wall
marketsforgold [rss twitter] •  – what is it and what is its purpose? Continuing the series on Advanced Strategies today I am looking at The Glyph Wall Strategy. Tomorrow i will discuss how i combat this strategy. Yes I am pointing to you …
Voice Amplification Modulator
Cold's Gold Factory [rss twitter] • - Caster Twink Gear. Have you ever heard of this craftable piece of neck gear?  Well, I hadn't …
Power Word: Gold 2011 Year End Review
Power Word: Gold [rss twitter] • In this long-form (48 min) video I discuss the Power Word: Gold 2011 year end review as well as look forward to what 2012 may bring for PW:G and the World of Warcraft gold-making community at large …

Bread Machines and Sing Alongs
The Golden Crusade [rss twitter] • I was watching some comedians on the interwebs the other day, when I came across a very interesting bit from Jimmy Carr in which he jokes about his girlfriend buying a bread machine despite them living next to a convenience store with cheap bread:

"…but we will break even. In the next 4 years; If we double our consumption of bread; and we can somehow get the ingredients for free; and we don’t take into consideration labour costs."

This joke touches on several concepts that can be applied to gold making and World of Warcraft in general that many people over look I find, one of which is “Is this worth my time?”…

Auction House Junkies Episode 21
Capped by Cata [rss twitter]
• Watching Grey's Anatomy In Stormwind. What have you been doing in WoW? Mike: bitches. Lots of bitches. Cold: smoking.... Wes: not logging in and watching lights turn on 4.3 MOFOS!! Whatchu been sellin’? …
One Million Gold!
Srs Business [rss] • Yes folks, I did it: I hit the 1 Million Gold cap. You might be wondering what took me so long, especially considering how much gold I’ve made since Cata’s release. The simple fact is I’ve spent a LOT this expansion, and I’m not just talking day to day expenses. For starters, I’ve dropped hundreds of thousands of gold into my guild, Devastation. When Cata was released I made sure we had a solid chunk of gold banked to start out. We had a bank …
Potions For The Small Ones
Vile's Golden Auctions [rss twitter] • I won't make this to be one of those long and explanatory posts, this time around i will get down to give you the information about a few potions that turned out to be a real small gold mine. First of all, these potions …
Image Source: The Gold Queen
Hi Honey I’m Home
The Gold Queen [rss twitter] • I’m home from hospital. I’m not recovered and have a lot more healing to do, and some things will never be the same again.  But heck, I’m here and I’m trying. I wrote a lot of gold blog posts from hospital …

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 18, 2011

Image Source: Jackspot
Addon: OreCrusher 2
Jackspot [rss twitter] • OreCrusher 2 est un addon parfait pour les fans de prospection et de profits bien entendu. Il permet de vous donner une estimation des revenus potentiels sur la prospection (désenchantement et transmutation inclus) des …
Blog for money or blog while making money?
WoW or Gold [rss twitter] • When I started the blog I was fully focused on using it to improve my gold making in the first place. Beyond that I also saw the gold addiction as a good opportunity to learn principles that would help me make money in real life. Besides doing what I believe in, which I think is the absolute most important thing a human being can do, I strongly believe in developing my financial intelligence.

Read on for Grayz's thoughts on gold making, setting goals and why blogging for money seems like a bad choice after the jump …
Image Source: WarcraftEcon

Hall of Fame – 1 Million Gold Cap Club: Navanya of US-Malfurion
WarcraftEcon [rss twitter] • It’s hard for me to pick a “main” but if I did it would be my disc priest Navanya , US-Malfurion.  I’m 31 years old, married to the most awesome man in the world and am a stay at home wife …
Status: 4.3 Results and Looking Forward
Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile [rss twitter] • This was the patch I was mentally prepared for. This doesn't mean that I knew everything that was going to happen, like what were all the mats that were …
A trek 1m, over one year, as I remember it...
Achieve Commitment [rss] • I was playing a social and  casual game, I had little NEED for gold, though many wants.  I managed in my own mind feel okay with normal flying speed on my toons.  Food, flask, pots and stuff that was important, I love the epic ventures with group and the personality dynamics of groups.  Some MUCH more than OTHERS...  Another long story, I was GM and raid lead of a guild

Part of this was the fact that the guild disintegrated when military duties called me out of town for several months, and some how I found a reason to server transfer several toons, then sort of had a drama thing bring those relationships to an end, and server transfered multiple toons again …
Phat Glyphs?
Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog [rss] • So earlier this week I got into glyph making.  This is the first time ever crafting glyphs using TSM, and even with it getting my mass pile of glyphs was agonizingly slow.  My scribe isn't the most talented or versed in glyphs.  In fact I picked up Inscription post Cataclysm and don't have a single glyph from Book of Glyph Mastery.  All he has been doing in Cata is making fortune cards and using the excess inferno inks to make darkmoon trinkets.  That has been going great, barking up the cards, crafting some into Fortune Cookies, making a killing.  But glyphs are foreign to me and after my JC's tapped out the ore market, I decided to give it a try …
Croda's Inscription Gold Guide updated
marketsforgold [rss twitter] • Today I have updated the guide.  It can be found on the Croda's Inscription Gold Guide Page to this blog. I have added new sections on:

Advanced Trading Stratgies - including how i deal with Glyph Walls and Auction House Campers, and other advanced trading strategies that i have seen …
The Best and Easiest Transmog Site To Date - Icy Veins
Alto's Goldish Advice [rss twitter] • Thanks to Dragonsoul at MMOChamp, I just got turned onto this amazing Transmog site....Icy Veins Transmogrification. Some players are making crazy amounts of gold in the AH selling basically anything from A to Z, I am not the kingpin on my server for Transmog, but I am in the game.

This site is just what I have wanted and what I have looked for. Nice, easy and simple to use …
Image Source: Alto's Goldish Advice

Low Level Jewelcrafting - Malachite Pendant
Cold's Gold Factory [rss twitter] • One of the benefits of doing activities within World of Warcraft outside of just making gold is that you broaden your knowledge base.  This also leads to the ability to discover new ideas or new possibilities for making gold in WoW …

What's Mine is Not Yours
Nerf Faids [rss twitter] • People who win the lottery tend to complain that they have family members coming out of the woodwork looking for money.  Likewise, if people feel their friends or guild members have a lot of gold they may feel entitled to some of it for some reason or another.  It's your choice whether you want to give handouts, I'm going to assume you're someone who does not for the purpose of this post …
New Star Wars: The Old Republic Section Of Power Word: Gold Launched
Power Word: Gold [rss twitter] • In preparation for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Old Republic we've launched a new section of Power Word: Gold dedicated to exploring the ins-and-outs of the SWTOR economy. You can find it at We are excited about this new section mainly because of the opportunity to explore a brand new MMO and it's corresponding economy …
The Gold Queens Guide to World of Warcraft Remote;
The Gold Queen [rss twitter] • …or how to make warcraft gold from hospital bed with only a bad tempered smart phone for company. Subscribe to WoW remote. It’s an option you can find under the account management options. Flex your credit card. Have your authenticator …

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 14, 2011

Image Source:  AFKkrafting

Sales Week Ending 12/13
AFKkrafting [rss twitter] • Another great week of sales!  Two weeks into the patch and I’ve pulled in 554,871g.  Sadly I’m not at the 500k liquid mark just yet.  I bought the crafted bracers for my main, but that’s the only piece I’m buying this patch.  I also loaded up on some cheap ore and enchanting mats. I’m sitting on 429,000g right now and expect to hit the 500k mark by next week …
I’m A Great Gold Sink
Mountain O' Gold [rss twitter] • Epic flying skill, Traveler Tundra Mammoth, Repair Bills, all of those are very important gold sinks to game, that will remove gold from markets. I’m now also thinking that I am also some kind of Gold sink …
Croda's Inscription Guide FAQs
marketsforgold [rss twitter] • Ahead of updating the Guide at thw weekend I have had several emails that are starting to form some common themes, so i will answer those here:

Is the guide free: yes.  It is found on my blog as Croda's Inscription Gold Guide

How often will it be updated: once a month feels about right

What sort level of player is this aimed at: as long as the player has started their daily inscription research then it will be of use …
1.2M and still growing
Achieve Commitment [rss] • I feel like I now have nothing to write about, or new to do in game.. getting to a million with out an exit strategy has left a void to some degree, not that it pains me... Its just a wierd place to be... I guess I am experimenting with new things to get a new direction... For now, with out the drive to make a million, it has left the possible choices and directions to go a lot more open

I am still off loading the piles of stuff I have, just am no longer making a point of loggin daily to post and repost and stuff on the multiple toons …

BoA Pets and Mounts in Pandaria 5.0?
Alto's Goldish Advice [rss twitter] • Uh oh. For those that either accumulate, buy, sell, trade, or stockpile pets, it seems they might be going the way of the glyphs...kinda.

A recent blue post on the forums by none other than the overzealous gold hating Nakatoir  …
Image Source: Alto's Goldish Advice
The Quick Flip
Vile's Golden Auctions [rss twitter] • Like i've stated in many cases in the past, my favorite way to turn a profit, or make a killer sale is the one where i have to invest the minimum time into it and get the maximum profit.

One of the ways that i see are easiest to get to this is simply by using your professions to acquire raw ore/herbs then smelt/crush them and re list them back. Main reason why this is a good idea, well because everyone …
WoW Cata Gold Cap Reached - Thoughts and Reflections
Cold's Gold Factory [rss twitter] • Sunday morning I finished collecting another batch of overnight sales and peered at my new liquid gold total, 1.004 Million Gold.  I have finally reached (and passed) the new Cataclysm individual character gold cap of 999g 999s 999c …
Why My Glyphs are 450g …
Dark Tuesday [rss twitter] • …and Might Be 1500g by the End of this Post. I work hard for a living.  You can start humming the tune if it’s now in your head.

Have you leveled Inscription? Have you done the 79 (or thereabouts) days of Northrend and minor Glyph research to learn every glyph you can that way?  Have you purchased or farmed the 57 Books of Glyph Mastery?…
Ways to co-operate on the AH
Foo's WoW Musings [rss] • Today I'm talking about the co-operative sellor.When it works, you can make a fortune.  Some of the items below would be of questionable legatilty in many western countries.  Today, we are fleecing the buyers instead of other sellers …
Epic Gems - How the market is shaking out
The Gold Mint [rss] • This analysis is server specific to Antonidas (US) and may not match what's happening on your server though I do believe the epic gem market is following a similar pattern on most servers.

Prior to patch 4.3 I made some educated guesses and came up with the following:

I figured epic gems would start out insanely high priced (20k+ per gem for reds, 10k+ for other colors) and virtually none would sell at those prices. I also thought it would be possible to pick up the occasional far more reasonably priced gem out of trade chat …
Image Source: Warcraft Looks

Keelhaul's Big Flippin' Mogging List
Power Word: Gold [rss twitter] • We finally have the list we've all been clamoring for: Keelhauls list of mogging items he's been making a killing off of since Patch 4.3 and the introduction of Transmogrification. Feel free to bookmark this post as I think it will be one many of us will be referring back to a lot …
How Has Transmogrification Affected Your Sales?
Kaliope's Crafting Blog [rss twitter] • We're almost two weeks into the newest patch and the frenzy seems to be settling down a bit. I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a blast with the new mogging functionality! And not just as a player, but as a crafter too. Even though I did a series of posts on some of the special items that crafters can make, I'm really having fun exploring the new market and finding great items to sell. If you've been focusing on end-game gear and consumables, consider dabbling in "classic" items for transmoggers too 

The surprise hit for me has been the Blazing Rapier. I literally cannot make enough of these, the vast majority never make it past the first posting …
Comment se procurer des rubis …
Jackspot [rss twitter] • …du feu d'enfer et de la cornaline ? En ces temps de disette, dur dur pour la plupart des joueurs de se procurer leurs gemmes rouges sans mettre la main au portefeuille et se séparer de quelques pièces d’or… doux euphémisme …

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Monday, December 12, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 12, 2011

Image Source: Jackspot
Using Gathermate2 Addon for Finding Treasure Chests
by Alto's Goldish Advice rss twt

We got ourselves a Situation here folks... Okay, okay. Not everyone raids (although the LFR is helping that). Not everyone PvP's (but our options are growing larger every patch). Not everyone Quests. Not everyone farms.

Image Source: Alto's Goldish Advice

For the Horde Part-1
by Fighting Coin rss twt

The Portuguese server Aggra, is now online since the 7 of December , 3 days ago, I went  there for  3 major reasons :
- Try Horde
- A "Virgin" AH
- A realm first Achievement .

Composants d'enchantement: "1 tiens vaut mieux que 2 tu l'auras"
by Jackspot rss twt

Déjà presque 2 semaines que le patch 4.3 est sorti et l’hôtel des ventes est toujours en effervescence.

Episode 123 - Red Cooler
by The Mana Cooler rss twt

In this bold edition of The Mana Cooler, I invade the LFR aka Raid Finder and test it out from a super casual perspective.

The Old Man And The Sea ... And The Gold Fish
by Vile's Golden Auctions rss twt

Before i start this post, i would like to thank an unnamed person on my server that reminded me that even at this time of WoW's life, there are still people that are just starting out and are finding the WoW universe to be just that, WOW.

Making the Grade, Part 2. The Shuffle.
by Meet Ohnekase rss

We have met before.  Last week, he began his journey, done a little bit of questing, and put some auctions  up.  He has been applying the tricks of his parent's trade over the past week (a little each day).

Fast Gold | Raptor Nests: Razormaw Hatchling
by Kuja's Gold Mine rss

One of my favourite ways to make gold is by selling pets. They are most of the time expensive and they sell fast in most cases.

The Next Steps Patch 4.3 Week 1
by Wragstoriches rss twt

Hi all So patch 4.3 has launched and it brought with it lots of changes, including new dungeons and raids, professions recipes and gear upgrades. Just the night before the patch launched I made a surprise transaction and purchased a guild which left my liquid gold total at 342541g 76s 79c . Having watched the reaction of many gold bloggers on twitter on the tuesday night I was looking forward to the patch hitting for us in the EU on the wednesday.

Patch 4.3 High Earners
by The Gold Queen rss twt

Epic Gems I’m making up to 1,800g per cut by buying raw, cutting and posting.  It’s a risky strategy, as epic gem prices can’t remain 5k each forever.  But if you enjoy the high risk gamble (not investment!), go for it.

Enchanting Scrolls Seems supply isn’t meeting demand and enchanting scrolls are low supply / high price on my server.  At the same time, I found less than 20 righteous orbs on the server auction house, going for half their normal price.  I scooped them all up.  Demand for alts/ twinks enchants like Crusader will return after the rush on mains has slowed.

TSM Blacklist Modification
by The Gold Mint rss

In a prior post Dealing with obsessive campers - Part II advanced I detailed how I modifed TSM's post.lua to calculate price cuts differently to bring prices down fast and discourage camping. At the time my server was literally infested with campers and auction bots. There were so many campers at that time the best approach was an indiscriminate blanket approach that simply lowered prices quickly until the camping stopped..

Building A Valor Bracer Shopping List
By Power Word: Gold rss twt

In this video "WoW Gold-Making - Auctionator & Wowhead For Shopping Lists" I go over how to use Wowhead's item search filters to find bind-on-equip (BOE) item level 397 bracers (known as "Valor Bracers") and add them to an Auctionator shopping list.(The filter I build in the video can be found here.)

I build these type of shopping lists to quickly find which (if any) Valor Bracers I should be buying from players selling them in trade chat for flipping purposes. It should be noted that Valor Boots are also BOE and can be bought/sold in the same way.

Profession Pricing
by Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog rss

Recently in a WoW gold blog that I read, marketsforgold, croda has touched upon his theories behind how to evaluate your gold flows.  I really suggest reading what he writes, it's very interesting.  I find this topic really intriguing so I figured I'd put my 2 cents in.  For most of this post I'm going to use a base example, I've chosen Inferno Rubies because they're a gold making favorite of mine.

Measuring Gold per Hour
by marketsforgold rss twt

Gold Per Hour is an often quoted statistic in the gold blogging community and indeed at some point most blogs have commented on its usefulness or otherwise as a measurement.

I will make myself no exception.

The reason I would like to seek some sort of a gold making measurement with reference to time taken is that the key critical resource for most gold makers is time.  Our time playing this game is limited by other World of Warcraft activities and real life.

Gems: Selling an Item, Not a Service
by Nerf Faids rss twt

First off, allow me to do a little dance in honor of this, my 200th post.  /dance Okay, now on with the actual post.

With epic gems being so heavily gated at the  moment the supply is very limited and prices are quite high.  Now, as a relatively wealthy raider I've spent a fair amount of gold on these gems to give myself stat boosts here and there in my new gear.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - December 10, 2011

Image Source: Phat Lewts'

WoWuction is a neat little sight that’s been pointed out to me twice now, so I thought I’d take a peak and see what was up. Alto unfortunately beat me too it as I had started this article and set it aside for crunch time. So, at the cost of blowing off a mechanics presentation, here we go!

A New Tool For AH PvP - Wowuction

I got an extremely interesting email the other evening. I often get contacts from a varied array of people talking about websites, affiliates, and a ton of other internet wow based stuffs, but this one grabbed my attention instantly. Another tool for us AH'ers. WoWuction.

I clicked on the link in the email, and I was shocked to see what the site entailed. Quite a slew of info, a bit different than TuJ, AHSpy, or WoWTrader. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it's nice to see a healthy competition going around. They have all added new options here and there, and I proudly support each one of them for my (and your) auction house needs.

Hindsight... you can always say, I shoulda seen THAT comming

So I hit a million, and the one thing I was completely wrong about and seems I may have to soak the loss is volatiles (another is truegold)...

"Bref: j'ai vendu pour 50kpo de gemmes"

Comme je vous l’ai rappelé hier, la saison PVP a bel et bien commencé ... autant sur les champs de batailles qu'à l'hôtel des ventes. Les ventes ont encore une fois de plus étaient particulièrement lucratives.

Энчанты для твинков

Сейчас в WoW количество игроков с высокоуровневыми персонажами значительно преобладает над количеством остальных игроков.

Sales Week Ending 12/6 – The First Week of 4.3!

Once the servers went live I had a chance to collect my final sales and my data. The first week of 4.3 was fantastic!  I finished just 14,000g short of my 4.2 first week total but I certainly can’t complain.  I am now sitting on 286,000g.

-Adding value to raw items.
-Limited supply sourcing
-Remembering to do Dailies

API для аукциона русских миров починили!

Как наверняка многим известно, в начале августа этого года Близзард выпустила API (application programming interface) для внутриигрового аукциона миров.

Cash margin vs profit margins

. . . . . . . or how accounting can disguise what really you should do. Take this scenario: You craft a glyph for 15 gold and sell it for 60 gold.  Cash margin is 45 gold (60 – 15) and the profit margin is 75% ([60-15]/60].

Flipping Twink Gear

Hey guys, today I decided to write about one of my favorite methods of making WoW gold.  It requires minimal work, no grinding professions, and maybe about 1,000-2,000 gold to start.  The method is flipping twink gear, and I'm going to tell you about how I do it and the addons/methods I use.

For those of you who haven't leveled an alt in the 75-79 PvP bracket recently probably don't know that in Cataclysm a whole new level of twink was invented.  At level 77 Cataclysm greens become available to players.

Transformations and Shatters For Profit And Savings

Enchanting has some nice utility options for converting less used Enchanting materials into more useful ones.  Right now there is a lot of buzz over the new Maelstrom Shatter that was added to WoW with Patch 4.3.  The Maelstrom Shatter recipe allows 1 Maelstrom Crystal to be shattered into 2 Heavenly Shards by an Enchanter.  Shattering Maelstrom Crystals can be a source of profit, if you are able to get your Maelstrom Crystals for less than the cost of 2 Heavenly Shards.  Or instead of selling the Shards for profit, you can use the Maelstrom Shatter as a source for lowering your crafting cost of Enchanting scrolls.

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