Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WoW Gold-Making News - November 29, 2011

11-20-2011 by AFKkrafting

I’ve finally finished my stockpile for 4.3 and can go back to profiting from my weekly sales! Read the full post.

It has been more of the same, but close to ready
11-28-2011 by Achieve Commitment

No idea what the near future holds, with 4.3 hitting the servers tomorrow most likely... I have a raiding main toon, and I have 2 alts to get out and valor cap with for the next 2 weeks at least. 2 weeks of valor capping with 3 toons means that I will get 3 pieces of valor gear on my raiding main in that week.. I think.. in may take 3 weeks since I dont fully understand the changes to valor.. If the cap drops, it will be 3+ weeks... Read the full post.

11/29/2011 by Foo's WoW Musings

This post is part of a series;(TL;DR the collective wins from co-operation but the individual wins from defection)

The urban dictionary has a few definitions for jerk.  In WoW AH parlance, a jerk is someone who prevents you from making sales.  As such, I consider few players AH jerks.  There are many who would consider me one.  There are no care-bears on this page. Read the full post.

11-26-2011 by Nerf Faids

I decided to try to do some stockpiling for this patch.  I've not really been a big stockpiler in the past and, depending on how you define stockpile, some may not view what I've gathered as much of one.  But here's what I'm headed into 4.3 with: Read the full post.

Patch 4.3 Incoming
11-28-2011 by Fighting Coin

MMO Champ reports today, that the patch is going to be live tomorow 29 of November to US folks and 30 for us here in Europe, and it bring so much new thing its almost looks like a expansion pack, are you ready for it? Read the full post.

11-28-2011 by marketsforgold

I follow fairly simple process here:
1. Make sure I am aware when Patches or Expansions are going to arrive
2. Read around the other gold blogs to determine what changes are going to be made in Inscription. I would recommend this blog, most blogs you see on my blog roll and in particular AFKCrafting Read the full post.
11-28-2011 by Break the Bank

Those of you who have been following my ramblings for some time now will likely have heard me make the assertion that “90% of scribes out there are doing it wrong”. While I’ve offered a spattering of tips and strategies about better ways to approach the market, I thought that perhaps a more comprehensive resource might be in order. Hence the following series: “How to Glyph”. Read the full post.

 11-24-2011 by Cold's Gold Factory

Last night I got a great deal from someone advertising his goods in the trade chat channel.  I always like to look for deals or business in the trade chat channel to make even more gold in WoW.  It doesn't take much effort to monitor the trade chat channel while doing my normal auction routines.  Sometimes in trade you can find a great price or find a supplier for your gold making factory. Read the full post.

11-22-2011 by Fortune and Fighting

4.3 is coming soon. With the arena season ending November 29th, the patch could hit any Tuesday now. So what should you be prepared for? Well, the new Darkmoon faire. I am not sure if there will be any good way to make money off this, I'm guessing only if the new pets/mounts are BoE instead of BoP. But keep an eye (Or two) out for indirect ways of making cash- materials needed much like stone and the old decks were used to gain reputation. Read the full post.

11-28-2011 by The Gold Queen

Pyrite to Ebonsteel Belt Buckles: plan A. Belt buckles are made using 4 volatile earth, 4 Pyrium bars, 4 elementium bars.

Every new patch brings new armor, new gear. Patch 4.3 Dragon Soul brings new tier 13 raid armor plus ilevel 378 from new 5 man dungeons. Raid finder drops new ilevel 384 gear, and valor points award ilevel 397 gear, matching non heroic Dragon Soul raid gear. Read the full post.

11-23-2011 by Kaliope's Crafting Blog

I've been keeping an eye out for new recipes on the Test Realm through the Auction House and I spotted a nice little change that snuck in under the radar. It seems that the Devs have added the recipe skill level to the display of the list. Where "Level" used to be it now shows the skill requirement. Read the full post.

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